Edible Cinema is a unique way to experience a film: through aroma, texture and taste.













Each guest is supplied with a tray of numbered ‘mystery boxes’ containing a bite-sized tasting menu tailored to specific moments in the film.


Food-matched moments are signaled by a screen-side light box or wall projected number, which illuminates the package number that should be opened and enjoyed.















Our menus focus less on literal interpretations of food shown on screen, and more on environment, dialogue and the overall feeling of a scene.














For example.... A scene in Pan’s Labyrinth where characters walk through a pine forest was matched with Pine Smoked Popcorn, giving a woodland aroma and flavour with the ‘crunch’ matching the sound of feet on a pine needle laden floor.

















In Some Like It Hot, Sugar covers Junior in champagne soaked kisses: we served up a lightly powdered, rose tinted Turkish delight with an almost liquid centre and a string trace of champagne, giving the sensation of a soft kiss. ‘Bubbles’ were provided by a light dusting of popping candy.






























Edible Cinema has a proven track history of working with collaborators; whether celebrities, guest experts, brands or multiple PR teams. We enjoy a fresh perspective and consider the Edible Cinema format to be a flexible framework rather than a rigid set of rules. So if you want to introduce a star curator, or just bring a few lucky individuals into the creative process, that’s not a problem at all. Clients can have as much or as little involvement in the creative process as they like – whether you want to choose a title and leave us to it, or stay in the loop every step of the way.



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